Happy new year to all.

I used the last days in 2014 to do some work on PowerShell and Citrix Provisioning.

For a long time I wished to have a tool for automating all the tasks I have to do before promoting a new Provisioning vDisk version. In the end I tried to summarized all the tasks in a PS script with an GUI where you can choose the tasks to execute.

First of all copy the PowerShell script folder on the golden image and change the location of your PowerShell session to this folder. Simply start the script:


The GUI starts up and all options are unselected. Choose the tasks you like to be executed. Start the script with the „ok“ button. Depending on the tasks you selected serveral popups will appear.

The following example shows all options on a XenApp 6.5 server: In the background window you can see all tasks for troubleshooting.

  • First popup should ask you to type a NIC name for IP release. Please note: I use a multi homed target device. If you have just one NIC for both, PVS and ICA please do NOT use the „IP Config Release“. Otherwise you will lose the connection to your golden Image


  •  The second popup starts the Citrix Device Optimizer


  • In the end the script will shut down the server.

You can have a look at this script here.

Any feedback would be really welcome – if you have something to make the script better or have any questions – feel free to contact me.

Allthough testing this script I cannot gurantee, the scripts works well in any environment. So please do carefully test before executing the script in a production environment.

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