I worked on a XenDesktop HDX 3D project and was faced to very annoying problem with USB redirection and the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro. The users were migrated from their traditional workstations to the Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure with 3D Pro. One of the most common incidents were: “The Function Keys are not working with my in-application macros”.

After some researching we found, if we set some old-style combinations like CTRL + I to a function key, it works. But if we like to use a programmatic function from the CAD application it fails without any error message or interaction with the session.

We did a very granular troubleshooting without useful results, so I decided to involve the guys who should know a solution – the  vendors 3Dconnexion and Citrix.

After a lot of tests, tracing and communication with both, we saw it must be a limitation within the VDA.  Our luck was to have two brilliant guys on the Citrix Support side who understood the problem immediately and saw the possibility to add a very important feature (or eliminate a bad limitation) for the CAD guys and to make the HDX experience more comfortable for the user.

So, thank you guys!

The private hotfix nr is: LC4797 (from VDA 7.6.300 up to 7.8)

If you need some further information about this feel free to leave comment or contact me directly, I can deliver

4 Thoughts to “Citrix HDX3D Pro and 3Dconnexion Function Keys”

  1. Hi Marco

    I’m David, I got here form another case logged with tech support, referring to the private number and this link.

    Thanks for the compliment, always happy to help the customers to work better 🙂



    1. Hi David,

      thank you for the comment.
      We were really happy to get somebody like you and your (very very fast) developer for this issue.

      It helped us to improve the customer experience and pushed the project a huge step further!


  2. Karthik

    Hello Marco,
    Can you please let me know the steps followed to resolve the issue. We are having a POC setup on Citrix 7.17 and I am not able to get the 3D connexion space mouse working for the end user. I have allowed the USB redirection for HID devices with VID and PID mentioned and also with Allow: ClassID=03 to allow all HID devices but in vain. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Karthik,
      first of all, it is very important to have no 3Dconnexion driver on you local PC or endpoint. If there are any components installed I would recommend to remove these. Afterwards you should check if you can see the device in the Citrix Receiver, if so you can install the latest 3Dconnexion driver in your virutal Desktop.

      BR Marco

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