Today I quickly wanna share an installation issue, seen while updating a customer environment with XenDesktop 7.6 HDX3D Pro to 7.8 with the latest PVS target device driver.

After a successfull installation of the new PVS target device software, we would like to install VDA 7.7. Now the installation wizard doesn’t show the HDX3D Pro option anymore, so we are not able to activate the feature.







In the device manager you could see the NVIDIA Card is installed correctly.



We have narrowed down the issue as to what is causing the HDX3D Pro option not to show up on the GUI. The PVS 7.x. Target Device software automatically installs the “Citrix Diagnostics Facility”. This is what installs some registry keys and these prevent the HDX3D Pro option from appearing. So you have to uninstall the CDF components for add or remove programs.


After this you can restart the installation and the installation option is back:


You have to install the Citrix Diagnostics Facility after installing the VDA 7.8. Imaging could fail if the Citrix Diagnostics Facility is not installed. The source msi can be found on Provisioning ISO.

cdf-installation1 cdf-installation2





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  1. Alessandro

    Other thing…
    You must use the OS 7,8 or 10 to HDX3D Pro is exhibited…

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