ISSUE with Citrix VDA and 3Dconnexions Spacemouse Enterprise Display not working

In a recent customer project we came in the situation, that newly bought 3Dconnexions Spacemouse Enterprise devices ( are not working correctly with Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) and USB redirection on a Windows 10 virtual desktop. It seems the functionality of buttons and the rotation joystick is there and ok. But especially the LCD display is not working as soon as the device is connected to the VDA and just shows a splash screen, instead of the expected application shortcuts:

We tested several Windows 10 versions, several Citrix VDA versions, beginning from LTSR 7.15 CU5 and 1912 up to CR 2103. All versions facing the same issue. Interesting point: The same configuration is working fine LTSR 7.15 on Windows 7.

At the moment we are working with our local Citrix SEs, Citrix Support/Dev Team and Microsoft Support to get a solution for this. Citrix has now confirmed they can reproduce the issue and they obviously see where the issue happens.

If you need a case number or if you see the same problems please let me know. I can share the SR number and also some test scenarios.

I will also update this blog post, as soon as I get new information.

UPDATE 2021-06-28

In the meantime Citrix has confirmed a architecture issue in combination with the generic USB direction and the Microsoft device descriptors. Citrix has also published a official article:

3 Thoughts to “Issue with Citrix VDA and 3Dconnexions Spacemouse Enterprise Display not working”

  1. Mirco

    Hi Marco,

    was there any solution for this Problem?

    Greetings Mirco

    1. Hi Mirco,
      I am still working with a customized dll and driver registration.
      Afak this is still not integrated in the VDA installation. I can send you the commands/dll in a PN.

      BR Marco

      1. Johannes

        Hello Marco,
        Could you also send me the DLL and commands? Currently I have the same situation in a customer scenario. Strangely, I don’t have these problems with very old 3Dconnexion products (i.e. 20 year old space pilot).
        Best regards

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