Quick Post: How to use Citrix ADC shell commands in Citrix ADM jobs

During the last weeks we had a lot of Citrix ADC upgrades and we were thinking about how to automate these to save time and money. As you all know Citrix ADM as build-in task for upgrading and such things. In the past I used those templates and it worked really well, as long as all requirements are fulfilled. But in some cases there was the situation that e.g. the filesystem of the Citrix VPX was full, and then the job will stop and your upgrade task is canceled.

Citrix ADM has a feature for some time now, to create custom scripts and schedule these before or after an upgrade task. You are able to insert ADC CLI commands as well as shell commands. Here an example I used for the last updates:

Click on „next“ to create pre- and post upgrade commands. Check the „Enable Script Execution“ box. For shell commands just use shell in the beginning and insert the unix command in “ . For ADC CLI you can simply insert the ADC commands without any special syntax.

For the firmware upgrade we just cleaned the common locations:

shell "rm -r /var/nstrace/*"
shell "rm -r /var/nsinstall/build-13*"
shell "rm -r /var/nsinstall/build-12*"

shell "rm -r log/*"
shell "rm -r nslog/*"
shell "rm -r tmp/support/*"
shell "rm -r core/*"
shell "rm -r crash/*"


I hope this helps a little bit and gives you the chance to bring ADM in the game 🙂

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