Quick Post: ADC 13.0 Build 83.27 and 12.1 63.22- Bug in RDP-Proxy [SOLVED]

UPDATE 2021-11-15:

Citrix has released new firmware bundles for the release paths 13.1, 13.0 and 12.1. I can confirm the RDP issue is solved with these versions:

Original Post

After upgrading a Citrix ADC environment where the RDP Proxy feature is used, we are facing the following error, when a user downloads the RDP connection file to initiate a remote connection.

The System cannot find the file specified. This initial program cannot be started: DefaultAltShell

During analyzing the issue and testing, Citrix Support confirmed there is a bug in the current build 83.27. As a workaround you can manually remove the following lines in the downloaded RDP file.

Save the file and double click it to start the RDP sessions through you Citrix Gateway.

As soon as we get an update on this case i will update the post.

Special thanks to my colleague Thomas for working on this topic! 🙂

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  1. Ted

    Thanks for posting this.
    Saves me a lot of time.

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