Since a few days several clients contacted us and facing issues with Microsoft Teams which are optimized via Citrix Teams Optimization in Virtual Apps and Desktop. In a first look it seems only Peer2Peer (P2P) in some special scenarios are affected.

Our scenarios look like the following:

  • One user is running Teams ( (x64)) as HDX optimized in a Citrix virtual desktop. The second peer is running teams (partially on his/her laptop and is NOT connected to any HDX session.
  • Call establishing is working fine. Now the call is active for some seconds (5-10 sec) and suddenly the Citrix peer gets the message „Hold on, looks like something went wrong – we are trying to get you back on the Call„. After some more seconds the call is re-established for another 5-10 seconds and then the call is disconnected again and so on, and so on
  • If the same Citrix user is calling an person who is also running teams in a Citrix session, the problem does not occur at all and the call is stable.

Users on virtual Desktops just facing the following Messages:

Message on VDI (1)
Teams on VDI (2)

The caller on the fat client does not get any message, for those is looks like the peer isn’t talking anymore.

We opened a support case at Citrix for this and waiting for a response!

It seems to be a problem in a specific Teams version We are now testing version


As per today, also Teams Version is affected and we still facing the issue. Citrix has updated the Live article in the meantime as well:


We are still in contact with Citrix PM, some CTPs and Citrix Support.

It’s confirmed that this is NOT a Citrix Bug and it seems Microsoft is able to implement a workaround for affected Teams tenants now. For this you have to open a MSFT case and reference to IcM# (279646315 and 291199411)

One Thought to “Quick Post: Microsoft Teams P2P Calls disconnecting after some seconds in Citrix HDX Session”

  1. Jan

    Hi Marco,

    Thanks for your blog and sharing your experiences with us. I have exactly the same error that you describe in the article. I opened a Microsoft case and referred to your two case numbers. According to the MS technician, both case numbers are invalid or unknown. It should be a composite of eight numbers. Do you happen to have another reference number I can provide? Currently you are not able to help me. Thank you in advance.

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