I got some information from a project team, where they reported, the pinning with right-click on the new Windows 11 start menu fails with CVAD agent installed. There apparently was no menu visible and so no functions are available.

I tried version 2203 and 2112 same issue. As soon as VDA was uninstalled everything works fine. This brought me to contact the Citrix Support agents and what should I say; It seems to be a general VDA issue.

For confirmation we tried to disable Citrix Hooking on a non-working Windows 11 VDA by:

Path: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CtxUvi
Value: 0

That key disables the Citrix hooking engine, which is critical to a Citrix session, it means that we do not hook into any OS process in order to have control over it and present to end user. Now you should get a grey screen when trying to start a Citrix session on that machine, but the Pinning with Right click should work again.

After some more session with Engineering, we identified the issue is indeed related to hooking and we found a way to workaround it, which includes change a regkey:

After a reboot the right-click menu appears again and we are able to pin and unpinng again 🙂

The active case no. is 81229558 if you like to link your to the same.

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  1. Ray

    Thanks for the insight on this.

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