I am re-awarded as Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)

This week the third year as Citrix Technology Advocate is started and I’m more than honoured to engaging with the community for another year. I also want to send congrats to all the new and existing CTAs and CTPs. I think the new year will be challenging and full of changes for Citrix and technology in general, but I hope it will be good year for us in the community and Citrix family.

I am really proud and is great pleasure for me, as I am trying to give my knowledge and my ideas to my peers in business and the community as good as possible and I think there is always room for improvements.

Here the official blog post on citrix.com and IF-TECH AG



What means Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)?

CTA candidates will be voted into the program by the Citrix community team and CTA members currently in the program. There is a formal review and voting process based on the candidate’s alignment with the program guidelines and Citrix objectives.

The main objective of the Citrix Technology Advocate program is to provide Citrix enthusiasts meaningful recognition for their community contributions, provide unique opportunities to connect with Citrix peers and internal stakeholders that will enable a continued growth and performance in their careers.

CTA Applicants much possess these minimum qualifications:

  • Citrix Product Experience
  • Active member of myCUGC.org or other local Citrix Community
  • Willingness to blog and/or moderate webinar for CUGC and/or Citrix
  • Active social impact (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Willingness to share expertise amongst CTA’s
  • A passion for community and advocacy of Citrix products

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